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Emily Ratajkowski has been switching things up. Over the past month, her style has become mature, moving away from the bare it all aesthetic we’ve come to expect. Additionally, the Danish capital is known for its impeccable street style. There are a bounty of sunglasses.

The hero piece. All of Lawrence’s pieces made you lean in a little closer like this to notice the fine details a true master of stealthy chic dressing. But the glam wasn’t completely gone from the streets. Continuing to pack the color punch, her footwear of choice is courtesy of Bottega Veneta’s tangerine high heel sandals.

Coexisting alongside that tactical approach to dressing, a back to school, varsity feeling is brewing. When seeking out the season’s newest trends, the runways aren’t the only place to source sartorial inspiration. She has been rotating between a black Gucci shoulder bag, a black Christian Dior saddlebag, a Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag, and a hulking Hermes Birkin bag that she carried to the spring 2023 Proenza Schouler show. In this apparent return to normalcy, street style offers a bit of a plot twist.

From outfits with a Western flair to suit vests galore, stylish showgoers showcased many a fall trend, Canada Goose Coats Outlet but none stood out more than the playful punches of color. Underneath, a navy and white striped T shirt from Rag Bone is a welcome contrast. Stuffy office attire might be on the outs, but don’t disregard those traditional menswear ties altogether. During the most recent women’s fall 2022 collections, Windsor knots were seen on the runways at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kenzo, Raf Simons, and Sportmax the label’s full suit and tie look was worn by Zendaya just recently for this year’s Oscars after party.

We look to them for street style tips, so why not take a page from their books when heading to your friend’s wedding. The toughened up shoe style even goes well with daintier pieces of fashion like a cashmere sweater. With 9 out of 10 Danes making the environmentally friendly choice of traveling by two wheels rather than four, you can count on Copenhagen Fashion Week street style to deliver good looks and bicycles. A brisk ride is guaranteed to leave you with a smile and artfully windblown hair, both of which go well with the billowy dresses that are currently trending.

Anything over an hour and a half and I’m probably more groggy than I am refreshed. Gerber’s sleek suiting choice comes on the heels of her recent collaboration with Zara, where her signature minimalist wardrobe essentials including several different styles of suits were front and center.

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