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“I’m definitely in a happy place and comfortable jumping into a car and driving car.”

That’s what brought us all to this sleepy part of Texas. Schumacher invited a small group of Haas engineers and mechanics out to the ranch for a thank-you for everything in what has been, by his own admission, a roller coaster of a year. The expensive crashes Schumacher had at the start of the year gave Haas, F1’s smallest team, a big repair bill, and severely dented his chances of a third year with the American team. Ultimately that more than anything counted against him when Gene Haas and Guenther Steiner made the final decision, even if the results improved in the second part of the season.

As much as Schumacher relishes the quiet, he also relishes that rush of adrenaline racing drivers seem to be constantly chasing. A small group of us travel to a far corner of the property, through trees and undulating paths, until we come across a place which looks different to anything else on the ranch. You immediately notice a circuit with two big jumps, a sequence of hairpins, elbows, a banked corner and even a section which has become a boggy area too wet to drive thanks to heavy overnight rain. Schumacher simply drives around this part of the track on the day, eventually creating a rough new configuration in that corner of the track.

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“I’m still trying to find that perfect lap,” Schumacher says before we get into the Can-Am for our 12-lap stint in the car, a statement true of every racing driver that has ever lived.

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