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He seems disappointed when we have to get out of the car, even though he has a whole afternoon of it still to come with the friends and colleagues he has invited along for the day. Interview time. He is more relaxed out here. He is surrounded by friends and family and is clearly in a place he loves. You can’t help but wonder how long he would spend at the sleepy ranch if F1 wasn’t part of his life.
“Whenever I’m close I come out here, just do this all day or drive around, see the horses, pet some dogs! We’ve got lots of dogs out here.
“It’s just very different to the F1 world but also to the European world I would say.”
Attention shifts to his future and whether he will still be part of that Formula One world. Even though things have changed since that conversation it is clear Schumacher feels as though he deserves one more year in F1. Savion Williams Jersey
“I feel like I’ve had the chance to grow, I’m obviously still far away from where I want to be and what I’m capable of being,” Schumacher says.
“In Formula One you do need three years to become a full complete racing driver. So I’m taking my time but I’m also conscious about the fact I want to prove myself and show everybody what I’m able to do, as I did in Formula 3 and Formula 2. Jordan Hudson Jersey
“I don’t see a reason why I can’t do it in Formula One.”
As it stands, Schumacher will not get that chance next year, although he remains one of a handful of drivers with real experience of F1’s new generation of cars, opening up the possibility of a reserve role for 2023.
When asked about those mistakes, he said: “I think performance does overrule that. But it’s never great to have an accident. Mike Miles Jr Jersey
“Formula One is a very costly sport. We’re trying to get the maximum out of it and sometimes you do have to go to that limit. This year’s cars are very different compared to last year so some of the approaches I had didn’t work. When we changed it going into Canada, things very much changed for the better.”
Clearly, Formula One is a sport Schumacher loves singularly. Whether he gets to continue it beyond 2023, in any capacity, remains to be seen.

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