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Schumacher’s off-road hobby started at the ranch. Originally there was no circuit, no designated place to drive — but who needs that when you have 400 acres of Texan grassland to play with.
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“Usually we just drove around the woods and stuff, so was probably more dangerous than having a racetrack! We decided to take up some space and build a racetrack on it. We’ve come a long way. This one was a standard Can-Am and now it’s become a hybrid race car.”

The story of how Schumacher came to own a modified buggy is thanks to another F1 driver — his friend Esteban Ocon, who not so long ago was encouraging his Alpine team to sign Schumacher for 2023.

On one day of tearing around the family property, Schumacher stopped for a photo, with a caption that read: “If I ever make an album — this would be the cover”. Reese Trahey Jersey

Can-Am soon replied and it was Ocon who grabbed Schumacher’s phone, DMing the company known for its fleet of off-road cars and motorbikes, replying: “Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me with upgrades for my buggy? Thanks a lot!” Daniel Russell Jersey

Can-Am didn’t need a second invitation. The Maverick X3 we climb into is the fastest 1000cc UTV on the market — and it’s been modified to go even faster.

Schumacher knows the interview which follows our time in the car will cover similar ground — his future, the pressure of his surname, what he will do without F1, etc., etc. But when he’s at the wheel of the Can-Am, none of that seems to really matter.

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